Cool Tool | Conscious Classroom Management LumiBook

CREDIT LumiBook Rick Smith bookLumiBook is an interactive cloud book platform that illuminates learning with a wide variety of resources including text, video, audio files, resource links, file sharing, social media interaction, and more—all made possible by cloud technology. It also allows the author to collaborate with readers in the text, and change or add to the book. For over ten years, Rick Smith’s Conscious Classroom Management: Unlocking the Secrets of Great Teaching, 2nd Edition by Rick Smith has been the “go-to” book for creating more positive environments where referrals and suspensions are down and student engagement and teacher satisfaction are up. In this new edition, educators can access all of Rick Smith’s classroom management strategies along with video, rubrics, visuals, and digital tools that allow readers to interact directly with Rick Smith and Grace Dearborn. This LumiBook also includes three new chapters not included in the print book, and the promise of more updates directly by the author as discussions and collaborations unfold. Focused primarily on prevention, the Conscious Classroom Management LumiBook offers practical, easy-to-implement, proactive strategies that teachers can use to build positive connections with students, teach procedures, cultivate consistency, and hold their ground while inviting student cooperation. Read more.


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Cool Tool | Edivate

CREDIT School Improvement Network EdivateEdivate is an intelligent professional learning resource that creates a personalized learning experience for educators, helping them improve their practice and raise student achievement. It offers a personalized experience for every teacher, delivers thousands of the best resources that can be tailored to individual interests and needs, and features a new intuitive and easy to use interface. It makes the complex task of managing system-wide PD simpler. Administrators recommend PD to specific teachers, create online catalogs of professional learning resources and courses for entire schools or districts, or give teachers the ability to create their own PD plans. It is backed by a partnership of long-term support that offers strategic planning workshops, unlimited on-demand training, and ongoing consultation—all from an experienced client success team that gets to know a client’s unique objectives and challenges, and works over the long term to help them achieve their PD goals. Independent research shows that districts and schools that use the tools in Edivate increase student proficiency by an average of 18 percent in a single year compared to neighboring schools. Learn more.

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Cool Tool | Difference Engine

CREDIT Difference EngineIn 2014, Learning Objects, Inc. launched its Difference Engine platform to solve Bloom’s 2-sigma problem by enabling a powerful blend of computer and human tutoring. The platform is fundamentally learning-goal-centric. At any given point in time, the system is aware of each learner’s progress to their goal(s) and provides the next best activity for them and/or guides instructors to do so based on powerful analytics and intuitive dashboards. The system is also built around core IMS standards (including LTI, LTI Outcomes, and QTI) and is proactively working toward supporting Caliper so adopters can readily integrate it with their existing tools and infrastructure. Further, Lumen Learning, powered on their platform, just won a Gates Next Gen Course Grant and the Grand Prize at Educause Startup Alley. Learn more.

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Cool Tool | SharpSchool Mobile Suite

Here’s one of the only K-12 mobile solutions that combines mobile websites, classroom tools, a cloud platform — and a grade book. Designed to improve teacher-student and teacher-parent communication, SharpSchool’s Mobile Suite user-based mobile interface acts as a personalized dashboard where students, teachers and parents can view, download and share relevant information on the go. With their mobile system:

  • Schools can share school information, including maps and staff directories, and push notifications about important announcement, news and updates.
  • Teachers can add homework and reminders; take attendance; communicate with students; provide parents with test and assignment updates, and send alerts and notifications, included automated attendance and grade alerts.
  • Parents can not only follow school information and learn about events, new programs, fundraising initiatives and sport games, but also communicate with teachers, and stay up-to-date with their children’s performance, upcoming tests and assignments.
  • Students can download homework, assignments and important forms; communicate with their teachers and peers; track their performance (grades, attendances, test dates etc.); as well as, receive relevant alerts, notifications, reminders and announcements.

Built specifically to deliver a mobile user experience that gets the school’s information to those who need the most, their district-level mobile app allows all stakeholders to improve the students’ learning experience.

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Trends | Collaboration Technologies

CREDIT AvayaIt used to be the case that “non-traditional” students – those 25 and older and/or part-time attendees – were limited to an online experience that used discussion boards and pre-recorded videos as a means of engagement. Thanks to advancements in collaboration technology, today’s students have access to learning environments that allow them to get the “classroom experience” while skipping the commute. The Stuckeman School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at Pennsylvania State University is doing just that, using AvayaLive Engage. This collaboration technology brings students and faculty together to learn – regardless of location and device – offering a customized solution which provides a virtual studio-like environment where interaction and creativity thrive. This is critical for Penn State, which offers some of its degree programs, such as the Master of Professional Studies in Geodesign, exclusively online through its World Campus. Using this solution, students are able to hone spatial problem solving skills using shared designs, mapping and other graphic communication. This collaborative design experience enables the development of best practices that synthesize environmental design with geographic knowledge and scientific data. The user-friendly platform has proven to be a sustainable and reliable solution that promises to become a crucial component of the Geodesign degree program. Learn more.

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