Cool Tool | Edgenuity MyPath

CREDIT Edgenuity MyPathA new supplemental program designed to meet students where they are in reading and math, Edgenuity MyPath™ gives them exactly what they need to catch up and get ahead. The program incorporates the benefits of technology to provide students with age-appropriate, online instruction and give educators the ability to monitor progress easily. While designed for middle and high school students, the program covers skills and concepts as low as the third-grade level. MyPath consists of three elements crucial to a successful intervention that provide an effective learning experience: assessment, instruction, and progress monitoring. MyPath uses a proprietary assessment, the Edgenuity Placement Exam (EPE), to place students into an appropriate Individualized Learning Path (ILP). Schools that already have a partnership with Northwest Evaluation Association™ (NWEA™) can simply import their Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) results into Edgenuity MyPath. Based on the results of the student’s placement exam, MAP results, Edgenuity’s learning management system recommends an ILP that provides high-interest, age appropriate instruction for each student. These ILPs target the skills and concepts each student is ready to learn, regardless of grade level or class. As students work through their lessons, educators use dynamic reports to monitor progress.

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Knowing Data

How schools are getting smarter about analytics.

GUEST COLUMN | by Aaron Feuer

CREDIT Panorama EducationThe field of analytics, though well established in the corporate world, is rather new to schools. Districts don’t typically employ data scientists, and most schools track only attendance and test scores. But this is changing – driven partly by teacher and parent requests, schools are getting smarter about analytics. No one would try to argue that attendance records and test scores provide a complete picture of the quality of the learning environment. But what metrics should schools track? In our work with K-12 school districts, we’ve developed a list of approximately 50 softer metrics that impact learning, including:

–   Student Perceptions of School Safety

–   Parent Involvement

–   Perceived Quality of School Leadership

–   Student Grit

–   Perceived Quality of Teacher-Student Relationships

So what should school administrators do to get started with analytics? First, of course, you need to start collecting data.

The value of Teacher-Student Relationships was demonstrated in a study conducted last year by Dr. Hunter Gehlbach, Associate Professor at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education and now Director of Research at Panorama. By providing feedback that showed teachers and students a few of the things that they had in common, Dr. Gehlbach and his colleagues saw relationships and academic performance improve in the classroom.

For the study, Dr. Gehlbach and his research team surveyed students and teachers about their interests and values. Based on prior research that highlights how learning about similarities can strengthen relationships between two parties, they hoped that providing feedback about shared commonalities might help teachers and students better connect with each other. Sample questions asked of students and teachers included what were the most important qualities in a friend, which sporting event they would most like to attend, and when students learn the most.

A week after this initial “get-to-know-you” survey, students and teachers were randomized into different experimental conditions. The treatment group received feedback on what they had in common with the other party, and the control group did not. Five weeks after that, both students and teachers completed a more comprehensive survey to measure the effect of receiving this similarity feedback. The research team also gathered classroom grades at the end of the first quarter.

The study found that five weeks after the intervention:

  • Students and teachers who learned what they had in common with the other party perceived themselves as being more similar.
  • When teachers learned that they shared commonalities with their students, they rated their relationships as more positive. (By contrast, the intervention did not significantly affect students’ perceptions of their relationship with their teachers).
  • When teachers received feedback about being similar to their students, the students earned higher grades (though the effect was far more profound in Black and Latino students – something Dr. Gehlbach’s team will explore further in future research).

These early results suggest that similarities between students and teachers may be a promising lever to improve teacher-student relationships, and demonstrate that small interventions can have outsized impact on the learning environment.

So what should school administrators do to get started with analytics? First, of course, you need to start collecting data. Surveys of students, teachers, administrators and parents are a great way to do this. There are free, open-source survey tools that can help schools measure student perceptions; that may be a great place to start.

Once you have some data collected, here are three actions to take:

  1. Draw relevant comparisons – Look for ways to draw comparisons between key stakeholders within your school– for example, look for commonalities or differences between students by demographics or grade level, or compare schools in aggregate to others within the district. Are some groups being better served by the school than others? Which populations seem most important to focus on?
  2. Look beyond one source of data – Survey results can highlight the unique perspectives of students. But you may consider combining that information with third-party/demographic data from external sources as well. For instance, does data on income or ethnicity predict which parents feel as though the school provides the best fit for their children? Perhaps after-school or extracurricular participation is associated with students’ performance in school.
  3. Measure changes over time – Collecting feedback through surveys should be an ongoing activity. Make a plan to follow up with your results in order to measure how response data changes over time. How are student perceptions changing over the course of a school year? How does feedback from the same grade level change as students advanced to higher-grade levels? Have the programs you implemented last year been well received by students?

The use of analytics within schools is only going to become more prevalent. Districts that understand this, and take action to harness and leverage all of that data, will be better positioned to improve the learning environment and prepare today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Aaron Feuer is founder and CEO of Panorama Education, which helps 6500+ K-12 schools improve through data analysis and feedback survey.

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Cool Tool | Aerohive AP230 Access Point

CREDIT Aerohive AP230As school-issued smart devices and other technologies are more frequently used in today’s learning programs, and students are encouraged to bring their own devices into the classroom, educational institutions need high capacity, pervasive wireless coverage provided by 802.11ac, the latest and fastest standard in Wi-Fi. However, IT departments are unwilling to deploy 802.11ac due to cost limitations, new power requirements and limited time and resources necessary to re-architect wireless infrastructures. Enter Aerohive, a leader in controller-less Wi-Fi and cloud-managed mobile networking. Aerohive’s AP230 access point is a low-cost and high-performance access point for 802.11ac and 802.11n networks with enterprise features in an economical package. By combining the latest in 3×3, three-stream 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi technology and advanced security and control, the AP230 allows educational institutions to deploy 802.11ac into every part of the network infrastructure. The AP230 delivers full functionality with existing PoE infrastructure, allowing smooth integration with educational institutions’ networks, reducing cost and deployment complexity by removing requirements to purchase or upgrade backend network devices or controllers, and manages applications on every user’s device. Learn more.

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Cool Tool | Admittedly

CREDIT AdmittedlyAdmittedly is an online college advisory platform that seamlessly allows high school students, their parents, and guidance counselors to collaborate on the site. The platform utilizes matching algorithms similar to those on dating sites like and OkCupid to match students to ideal schools for them based on their answers to fun personality questions that gauge their interests, academic goals, and location preferences. The site then categorizes each match school into Reach, Target, and Safer categories and presents the data in a fun, interactive, way integrating with other sites such as Instagram for continuously updating images of campus life. Students can then utilize a variety of college prep curriculum tools customized for each student based on their grade and time of year that help students understand the process, manage deadlines, and perfect their applications. Parents and counselors can monitor their students’ progress and can message them directly through the site. Admittedly is a completely free platform for students and parents and has both free and paid accounts for counselors. In the 11 months since the site launched in October 2013, more than 100,000 students have utilized the platform in addition to several community-based organizations and major school districts. Check it out.

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2015 – Finalists & Winners

EdTech Digest Awards Program 2015 | Continuing a Transformation

CREDIT DreamboxWith this year’s program we are shining a spotlight on the best and brightest tools, leaders, and trendsetters pushing forward today’s education revolution. The finalists and winners below are part of a greater story of 21st-century education transformation. In keeping with the mission of EdTech Digest, we are proud to share these cool tools, bold leaders and innovative trendsetters that we hope will inspire learners and leaders everywhere. The people behind these methods, ideas, apps, platforms, products, services, and environments for learning — are getting workable technology solutions for education widely known about and well thought of. They are reshaping the education culture, and they are creating a new and better future for students everywhere. We are very excited to recognize them and we salute them for their achievements. Well done, continue, and with that — here are the finalists and winners:


=COOL TOOL AWARDS (Finalists listed below – winners marked with *)


new product or service (released in 2013 or later)

Access Points from Aruba Networks

Early Warning Module from BrightBytes

Virtual Music Tools from Connections Academy

Sensei from Edmentum

Lead & Transform from ISTE

The Radix Endeavor from MIT Education*

Science How from Smithsonian

Teams from Teaching Channel

Zaption from Zaption

Virtual Reality STEM Lab from zSpace


product or service

Axonify from Axonify

Educurious Solutions from Educurious

Reflex from ExploreLearning

Taken Charge from Galvanize Labs

Grovo from Grovo

Lesson Planet from Lesson Planet

MediaCore from MediaCore*

Milestone Documents from Milestone Documents

NAO from RobotsLAB

Online High School from Smart Horizons


academic gaming solution

Arcademics Plus from Arcademics

Classcraft from Classcraft*

Classroom Inc from Classroom Inc

Curiosityville from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Dreambox Learning from Dreambox Learning

Taken Charge from Galvanize Labs

Inanimate Alice from The Bradfield Company

Math and Language Arts from IXL

Med Term Scramble from Pearson Higher Ed

Numbershire from Thought Cycle


assessment solution

Snapshot for Schools from Edmodo*

Edulastic from Edulastic

EssayTagger from EssayTagger

LearnBop from Fuel Education

Paragon K12 from Hanover Research

Learnosity from Learnosity

Benchmark Now from Naiku

ClassFlow from Promethean

CASE Assessments from TE21

WriterKEY from WriterKEY


classroom hardware solution 

BrightLink 595Wi from Epson*

MultiDock Cart from Griffin Technology

Survivor All Terrain from Griffin Technology

Carrier 30 Cart from LockNCharge

Interactive Display System from Penveu


collaboration solution

Activate Instruction from Activate Instruction

Secure Content Locker from AirWatch

AvayaLive Engage from Avaya

eBackpack from eBackpack

Nearpod from Nearpod

CrowdAssess from TAG Assessment

SCORE21 from TE21

Teams from Teaching Channel

Far-Plane: Beyond Boundaries from Triad Interactive

WebAssign from Advanced Instructional Systems*


communication solution

ClassDojo from ClassDojo

GoEnnounce from GoEnnounce

Remind from Remind

Custom Mobile Apps from SchoolMessenger*

Website and LMS Solution from SharpSchool


content provider solution

A.D.A.M. OnDemand from A.D.A.M.

Copia Class from Copia Interactive

netTrekker from Knovation*

LearnZillion from LearnZillion

Odysseyware from Odysseyware

ReadWorks from ReadWorks

Shmoop from Shmoop University

SpringBoard Digital from The College Board

Bring Science Alive! from Teach TCI

PEAK Personalized Learning Platform from Fuel Education


district data solution

Early Warning Module from BrightBytes

Snapshot for Schools from Edmodo

LongLeaf Solutions from LongLeaf Solutions

Mileposts from Silverback Learning*

eSchoolPLUS from SungardK12


e-learning solution

A.D.A.M. OnDemand from A.D.A.M.

Copia Class from Copia Interactive

EduSystem from Dreyfous & Associates

Icurio from Knovation

LearnBop from Fuel Education

Milestone Documents from Milestone Documents

PBS Learning Media from PBS

Online High School from Smart Horizons

Science How from Smithsonian*

WebAssign from Advanced Instructional Systems


emerging technology solution

Secure Content Locker from AirWatch

Axonify from Axonify

Edulastic from Edulastic

Globaloria from Globaloria

ADVANCEfeedback from Insight Education Group

LeadID from LeadID

Custom Mobile Apps from SchoolMessenger

National School Supply Lists from TeacherLists

Waggle from Triumph Learning

Virtual Reality STEM Lab from zSpace*


learning management system

A.D.A.M. OnDemand from A.D.A.M.

Curiosityville from Curiosityville

EduSystem from Dreyfous & Associates

Edsby from Edsby*

NEO LMS (formerly EDU 2.0 for School) from NEO LMS

Taken Charge from Galvanize Labs

My Big Campus from Lightspeed Systems

OpenEd from OpenEd

Schoology from Schoology


mobile (device) solution

Networks Mobility Suite from Aerohive

Enterprise Mobility Management from AirWatch

Amplify System from Amplify

Casper Suite from JAMF Software

Mobile Manager from Lightspeed Systems*

EVO 40 Cart from LockNCharge

Nearpod from Nearpod

ClassFlow from Promethean

Custom Mobile Apps from SchoolMessenger

Think Through Math from Think Through Math


mobile (app) solution – early childhood, elementary

Apptivate from ParentLink

Launchpad Mobile from ClassLink

Reflex from ExploreLearning

Math and Language Arts from IXL

LearnWithHomer from LearnWithHomer*

Reader Bee and the Story Tree from ReaderBee

Kids Lingo Letter Sounds from Rosetta Stone

SPIRE Touch Phonics from School Specialty

Shutterfly Photo Story from Shutterfly

Smarty Ants Reading World from Smarty Ants


mobile (app) solution – middle and high school

LaunchPad Mobile from ClassLink

Elements 4D from DAQRI

EduSystem from Dreyfous & Associates

eBackpack from eBackpack

Gizmos from ExploreLearning

Gojimo from Gojimo

AP Exam Prep Apps from K12

Digital Citizenship App from*

Virtual Nerd Mobile Math from Pearson

iLit from Pearson School


mobile (app) solution – post-secondary

Copia Class from Copia Interactive*

Kurogo Mobile Platform from Modo Labs

Pearson Writer from Pearson Higher Education

Course for Android from Rosetta Stone

Study Tools from StudyBlue


parent/student portal solution

ClassMate from Harris School Solutions

Edsby from Edsby

Mileposts from Silverback Learning Solutions

Student and Family Access from Skyward*

Home Access Center from SungardK12


presentation solution from Buncee

PowerLite 585W from Epson

Nearpod from Nearpod

Nepris from Nepris

Mediasite from Sonic Foundry*


professional development solution

STEMCoach from Accelerate Learning

Atomic Learning from Atomic Learning

Digital Leadership Corps from Discovery Education

LearnZillion from LearnZillion

Lesson Planet from Lesson Planet

The Academy for Blended and Online Learning from PLS 3rd Learning

Cloud from SoftChalk

Professional Development Profile from TeacherMatch

Learn from Teachscape*

Teq from Teq


social networking/academic networking solution

Chronus Software from Chronus

eSplice from eSplice

GoEnnounce from GoEnnounce

My Big Campus from Lightspeed Systems

Sociability from ParentLink*


security/privacy solution

Security Monitoring Suite from ERPScan

Human Monitoring System from SharpSchool

Student Management Suite from Skyward

Log & Event Manager from SolarWinds

X-Series Platform from Vectra Networks*


STEM solution

Hummingbird Duo Robotics Kit from BirdBrain Technologies

STEM Camp from Discovery Education*

Dreambox Learning from Dreambox Learning

Rainforest Journey from EdTechLens

Twig Science Videos from Carolina Science Online

Filament Learning Games from Filament Games

High School Intervention from ST Math

STEM solution from PBS Learning Media

Bring Science Alive! from Teach TCI

Virtual Reality STEM Lab from zSpace


student academic tracking solution

ClassMate from Harris School Solutions*

Embibe from Embibe

GoEnnounce from GoEnnounce

Teacher Dashboard from Hapara

Kickboard Instructional Management Solution from Kickboard

SPEDinsight from Presence Learning

Mileposts from Silverback Learning Solutions

eSchoolPLUS from SungardK12

Boardmaker Online from Tobii Dynavox

Varsity Learning Tools from Varsity Tutors


virtualization solution

LaunchPad Suite from ClassLink

Gridstore from Gridstore

N-Series Thin Clients for Citrix from Ncomputing*

Cloud from SoftChalk

Virtualization Manager from SolarWinds


special needs solution

ABPathfinder from ABPathfinder*

Launchpad Suite from ClassLink

Clicker 6 from Cricksoft

Excent Enrich from Excent

Kurzweil Education from Kurzweil

NBC Learn K-12 on OLE from Pearson

Robots4Autism from RoboKind Advanced Social Robotics

IEP Plus from SungardK12

Virtual Speech Center from Virtual Speech Center

WriteToLearn from Pearson Education



Literacy Support: BiblioNasium from BiblioNasium

Refurbished Technology: Mac to School

Literacy Solution: myON from Capstone Digital

Digital Textbook: ABC-CLIO Solutions

IT Networking Solution: Meru Networks*

Open Source Solution: LearningBird


=LEADERSHIP AWARDS (Finalists listed below – winners marked with *)




edupreneurs (education entrepreneurs) and edtech startups

Tom Lauwers

E. Alana James

Quim Sabria

Michael Golden*

Moira Hardek

Own It! from GrandKey

Steve Schoettler


Brett Kopf

Youth Digital



J. Reid Whitaker

Aditi Avasthi & Nishant Menon

Mary Lee Schneider*

Jennifer Medbery

Ross Shanken

Beth Te Grotenhuis

Mark Rowan

Chet D. Linton

Todd Brekhus


school leader

Shaun Kirk

George Perreault

Dave Evans

Jorge Pineda

Kim Cary* (higher ed)

Maryellen Elia* (K-12)

Kyle McCartney

Gus Goodwin

John Tomkowiak

Howard Liebman



Kevin Custer

Britten Follett

CEV Multimedia

Nick Sheltrown

Robert Coughlan

Jessie Woolley-Wilson

Peter H. Reynolds

Karen Billings*

Joe Mazza

Keith Oelrich


PR firm/publicist

J Harrison PR

PR with Panache*

L Wolfe Communications



Scott Kinney, Discovery Education*

Nate Brogan, SchoolMessenger



=TRENDSETTER AWARDS (Finalists listed below – winners marked with *)


etd-TS-win-2015product or service setting a trend

ABPathfinder from ABPathfinder

Axonify from Axonify

Brain Hive from Brain Hive

Clarity from BrightBytes*

Pathblazer from Compass Learning

Educurious Solutions from Educurious

GoGuardian from GoGuardian

Own it! from GrandKeyEd

Samsung School from Samsung

Lexia Reading Core5 from Lexia


leader setting a trend

Charlene Blohm*

Ross Shanken

Brett Kopf

Howard Liebman

Martin Lind



School Improvement Innovation Summit*

Tynker coding for kids


>> To all 2015 EdTech Digest Awards Recognition Program finalists and winners: a very hearty congratulations!


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