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The Making of a 21st-Century Teacher

CLASSROOM 21  | by Greg Limperis Click here for PDF version A modern-day declaration of where things stand for educators in a social-media saturated world yet to fully hit our schools. Today’s teacher has to possess many more skills than … Continue reading

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Interview | Ellen Siminoff (Part 2 of 2)

(below is part 2 of 2; for part 1 of 2, click here) If Microsoft builds perfect tools to engage and get a lot of people to approach us on different platforms, then I’m a big fan of that. They’re … Continue reading

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NPR: Boost for Education Inventors

The education market needs some help: a business incubator dedicated to education entrepreneurs might just do the trick. Great Associated Press article on NPR about a University of Pennsylvania educator creating a space in which to foster much-needed innovation in … Continue reading

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Why Education Has Never Seen Better Days

Click here for PDF version SMARTER SCHOOLS | by Michael Spencer There’s a very good reason that our schools have never been in a better position to capitalize on the current state of affairs. Technology is opening the door to … Continue reading

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The Longest Snipe Hunt in History

Click here for PDF version TALK OF TOMORROW | by Ted Fujimoto Will we ever bag the beast of student performance? 5 steps for making a solid attempt—and not getting lost in the woods. Recently, my 16-year old daughter and her friends … Continue reading

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