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Interview | Jarrod Drysdale’s Knack for Teachers

Jarrod Drysdale begs to differ with those who might possibly even consider snubbing a teacher. “Teachers sacrifice a lot. They work hard and they are committed to helping children. I’ve seen this first hand my entire life. They don’t deserve the … Continue reading

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Cool Tool: Skype in the Classroom

A free directory connecting teachers and helping them to use Skype, this tool—while still under continuing development—is already launched. Teachers can find other teachers doing amazing things all around the world. If you’ve never used Skype, it’s an easy, free … Continue reading

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Interview | Nilanjan Sen Invites You to Visit Examville

The online education market is highly fragmented, says Nilanjan Sen, Founder and CEO of Examville, an online platform for classes, tutoring, test-prep materials and e-books. The Examville platform offers a unified place where students, teachers and parents access vital academic … Continue reading

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Interview | Taking a Close Look at Smarthistory

Dissatisfied with large, expensive and not particularly engaging art history textbooks, back in 2005, Beth Harris and Steven Zucker looked to the web—only to find further woefully uncreative art history resources. Having already developed quite a bit of content for … Continue reading

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A Vision of Students Today

Michael Wesch and the students of “Introduction to Cultural Anthropology” class at Kansas State University have racked up more than 4 million views with this less-than-five-minute video. Nearly four years later, many have already graduated. Would be interesting to follow … Continue reading

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