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Interview | Doing the Math with Conrad Wolfram

Conrad Wolfram is the younger Wolfram of Wolfram Research, a leading software company and powerhouse in scientific and technical innovation. Wolfram Research does Wolfram|Alpha, Demonstrations and the core, underlying technology—Mathematica. After his brother Stephen established a U.S. base, Conrad founded the … Continue reading

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neXtup: Education Market Worth a Look

Here’s a very interesting piece of information from neXtup, worth a good look:

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INTERVIEW | How Mike Power Optimizes Schools

It’s funny sometimes how an idea is born: a client opens up about his struggles with emailing a large PowerPoint presentation to a colleague in another office. The client wonders if anything can be done to reduce the size of … Continue reading

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7 Reasons Why Blended Learning Makes Sense

SMARTER SCHOOLS | by Michael Spencer Education no longer comes in rows and textbooks, but from a combination of sources. Let’s start with a definition. What exactly is blended learning? Here’s a great, generally useful definition found on the City … Continue reading

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Cool Tool: Smarthistory

This is one of the coolest art history sites I’ve ever seen. Brings trips to the MET, MOMA and other acronyms for cool places with lots of expensive art and history very much ALIVE! Love it! It’s actually a “free … Continue reading

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