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Assessment Tools Needed in Every Classroom

CLASSROOM 21 | by Greg Limperis I wonder what the classroom of tomorrow would look like if budget were not an issue, if teachers had more say—and if tools and training were provided at an equal rate. Here’s my view: … Continue reading

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Getting to the Technology Bells and Whistles

HIGHER EDTECH | By Julie Smith The college experience has moved from static, one-dimensional learning to dynamic, collaborative and real-time learning.  Though many factors contribute to this shift, we know that technology is playing an integral role in the transformation.  … Continue reading

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Interview | Elizabeth Schmidt: A Wishbone Takes Two

Wishbone was born in Elizabeth Schmidt’s 10th-grade classroom at Locke High School in South Central, Los Angeles. Beth was a new teacher with Teach for America attempting to find a way for her students to complete a research paper. “I … Continue reading

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How to Flip Learning

Chris and Laurie Spielvogel are both tenured university professors and thought leaders in education and technology. They’ve been in the classroom for 12 years and, as Chris puts it, “We have the experience to see the problems in the classroom … Continue reading

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The New 3 E’s of Education

Enabled, engaged and empowered. If you’re new to Speak Up surveys, just know that this is the biggie: The Speak Up National Research Project each year polls K-12 students, parents and educators on the role of technology for learning in and out … Continue reading

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