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Interview | Sarah White: Six Red Marbles Rolling Forward

Sarah White started working in education technology back in the 1980’s—at a time when “multi media” was a term many didn’t know, and very few teachers and schools had any understanding of the benefits of delivering learning through technology. Sarah … Continue reading

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Cool Tools: Mizuni Dashboard Suite

Here’s a cool tool on the district level: Mizuni Data Warehouse. You don’t have to fully understand it to benefit, but you should know that it works with disparate district applications to deliver assessment analytics, at-a-glance viewers, dynamic pages, a … Continue reading

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Interview | Roy Nieto Puts Students in the Game with SureScore

SureScore was created in 1995 to serve students who could not afford expensive test preparation companies. The goal was to bring equity and access to college admissions. “We were puzzled why students in South Texas, who were valedictorians and salutatorians … Continue reading

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Trends | Education Strategy, Global Take

A model is only as good as the people implementing it. Here’s an interesting one I found with some talented people behind it. The Promethean Education Strategy team uses this one in their quest to better teaching on a global … Continue reading

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Interview | Naomi Menikoff: Measuring Up with TestWiz

When Naomi Menikoff started dataMetrics Software in 1994, student assessment was not as critical an issue as it has become these days. Back then, many districts administered standardized, national tests. “The assessments took valuable time out of instruction, results did … Continue reading

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