Cool Tool | Friends with Brainefits

Students remember things that are personal. And who knows them best? Well their friends of course. This is the premise behind a new application that turns Facebook into a free study tool. Friends with Brainefits, powered by StudyBlue, allows students to leverage their friends on Facebook to make them smart, and – just as important – to add fun to studying difficult subjects. Every day (or every other), Friends with Brainefits posts a term and definition from a subject-specific flashcard deck to the user’s Facebook wall. The application then challenges the user’s friends to apply the need-to-know terms in creative and unique ways by commenting on the Facebook post. Friends with Brainefits allows students to select from over 30 subjects, including college entrance exams, foreign languages and Advanced Placement exams. For more information and to view the app in action, see the Friends with Brainefits SlideShare presentation.

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