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Trends | ‘Plaid Avenger’ Pulls Off The Remarkable

There’s a saying about those who teach, often attributed to Henry Brooks Adams, that goes something like this: “A teacher affects eternity, he never knows where his influence stops.” In this series of screenshots, while it may be subtle, there’s … Continue reading

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Interview | David Butler: The Future of Music Education

Nothing less than a revolution in how music education takes place. That’s what former AOL exec David Butler has developed and is bringing into widespread usage. Sure, teaching via video has been around since at least the 1980s, distance learning … Continue reading

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Trends | Digital Learning 3X in 2011

Another indicator of growth in online learning is a report from National Center for Education Statistics regarding Distance (yeah, it’s kinda 90s sounding) Learning, or as may be more commonly said these days, Digital Learning. Or even, online learning. In … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | M86 Mobile Security for Schools

With iPads all the rage at schools, administrators must figure out how to still ensure a safe learning environment without banning the latest smart electronic devices. Enter M86 Security with the introduction of their Web Filtering and Reporting suite for … Continue reading

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Professor Disrupting Lecture Hall with Best Use of Skype Ever

GUEST COLUMN | by Jessy Irwin Through a YouTube request, professor John Boyer lands skype interview with Aung Sun Suu Kyi For the third time in a row, Virginia Tech professor John Boyer has managed to turn a YouTube video … Continue reading

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