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50 Fascinating Edupreneurs – update

UPDATED May 31, 2012 – additional edupreneurs   There’s something about an edupreneur … Thanks for your feedback—keep it coming! We’ve been flooded and are continuing to sort through your emails. Meanwhile, click here and scan down the list for several more fascinating people!

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Paper Books vs. iBooks — An Overhyped Debate?

GUEST COLUMN | by Jane Wolff Apple sold 11.8 million iPads during the second quarter of its 2012 fiscal year, a phenomenal 151 percent unit increase over the year-ago quarter. With an iPad mini rumored to be launching this year, … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | Kidzmet Like a Web-based Guidance Counselor

Like a web-based guidance counselor, this cool tool helps K-6 classroom teachers leverage the power of learning preferences with their students. After students take an age-appropriate (K-2 or 3-6) preference profile in the computer lab, teachers can use: 1) Kidzmet’s … Continue reading

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The Best Presentations in the World: Your Money-Back Guarantee

GUEST COLUMN | by Lynell Burmark You have them for less than an hour. You want to make it an experience they’ll always remember. You need to connect with them right away and break down any resistance to your message so … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | Mentor Mob is a VIP version of the Internet

More and more people consume information and learn online. Problem is, a Google search returns millions of disorganized results leaving it up ot the user to sift through the chaos. MentorMob helps solve this by allowing anyone to create a … Continue reading

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