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Cool Tool | is YouTube Meets Slideshare is your slides, and a video of you presenting them, side by side, on the screen at the same time. On demand, it’s available to view whenever it suits the viewer. Think YouTube meets Slideshare. It’s cloud-based; no need to install … Continue reading

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Is Data-Driven Instruction Dehumanizing?

GUEST COLUMN | by Lori Fey Data is a hot topic in education. For some people it raises a lot of fear. Is data-driven instruction really good for students and educators? Is it dehumanizing? Does it demoralize teachers? Does it … Continue reading

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A Brief History in Digital Literacy

GUEST COLUMN | by Brian Stephens Do you remember bulletin board systems? If you don’t, that’s okay – it’s a pretty computer-geekish thing to remember. BBSes were ad-hoc computer networks – primitive by today’s standards – that existed in the … Continue reading

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