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Trends | Innovation in Education

Click closer to scan this sketch and you just might learn something new. If anything, you’ll get a peek into the value of what a “graphic facilitator” can provide to a discussion. This was part of a twitter stream associated … Continue reading

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Interview | Chuck Amos Wants to Visualize Your School District’s Data

by Judy Faust Hartnett In June of this year, Chuck Amos became the CEO of GuideK12. Amos has worked in the education technology field for 19 years, most recently heading up his own education-consulting firm. Previously he was the CEO … Continue reading

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Interview | Chris Lehmann and the New Playbook

You’re a 21st-century administrator. Now what? Chris Lehmann is the Founding Principal of the Science Leadership Academy (SLA), an inquiry-driven, project-based, one-to-one laptop science and technology high school in Philadelphia, a school that has garnered international recognition. Sharing his hard-won … Continue reading

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Interview | Matthew Pittinsky Unleashes the Power of Parchment

Founded as a credentials data company with a mission to unleash education credentials, by unlocking the critical data they embody — Parchment empowers individuals and organizations through the collection, promotion and sharing of education credentials. Whether academic, professional, or personal, … Continue reading

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The Best Place to Begin

GUEST COLUMN | By Scott Rozell Knowing where to begin is an important question in any journey. When a person is trying to learn something new, the best place to begin is where their current knowledge ends. To help teachers … Continue reading

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