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Cool Tool | Picmonic

Two medical students created a better way to memorize and master information with Picmonic, an interactive audio-visual learning system that attempts to reinvent studying for the modern student. Employing the use of scientific mnemonic memory techniques, the founders developed a technological … Continue reading

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Google It

Jaime Casap, Global Education Evangelist for the world’s top-most visited website, is on a search of his own INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero It hasn’t always been this way, but for the past decade, it’s been part of the human … Continue reading

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Wowzers, This is Cool!

A veteran educator works hard to get the reaction to learning she was looking for all along.  A teacher for 40 years, Reed Howard worked hard to reach her students through engaging and interesting lessons all throughout those decades. Nonetheless, she … Continue reading

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Fluent in Math

How technology can help develop academic language for Common Core math success GUEST COLUMN | by Barbara Freeman In 2008, the creator of the evidence-based HELP Math program, Dr. Barbara Freeman (that’s me), and the chief researcher, Dr. Lindy Crawford, … Continue reading

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Trends | Infographic: Does Texting Hurt Your Grammar?

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