Cool Tool | Steps to Success

Steps to SuccessWhat better way to initiate students into the learning process than by engaging them as active learners right from the get-go? Steps to Success, a new adaptive online student orientation course developed by Adapt Courseware and educators from California’s community colleges, presents an entirely new way for students to interact with orientation information. The course kicked off this fall with nearly 30,000 registered students and feedback so far has been tremendous. Steps to Success is a highly informative, efficient, and cost effective orientation tool that introduces students to key learning strategies, teaches them about essential policies, and connects them to helpful resources. Students use videos, text and multimedia interactives to engage with standard orientation content and school-authored information. Adapt Courseware’s adaptive learning techniques verify and reinforce each student’s mastery of the orientation information, setting the foundation for higher completion rates, as well as stronger learning outcomes. What’s more, the course is designed to help institutions comply with the Student Success Act, which goes into effect in the fall of 2014. For more information, visit:

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