Trends | Sloan-C Launch Pad

Launch PadThe Launch Pad is a special program that has been integrated into the the Sloan-C MERLOT International Symposium for Emerging Technologies for Online Learning, which will be held this year in Dallas from April 9-11. It is a very low-cost, exhibition opportunity for early edtech startups with a focus on improving higher education and an interest in getting their products in front of industry leaders in online learning. Last year, they had roughly 1,000 attendees that were mostly college professors, instructional designers, and administrators. They will be selecting 7-10 participants for the Launch Pad. Applying is free. Those who are selected will be granted the low cost registration fee of just $400 which includes full conference registration for up to two employees (each registration retails at over $500), a booth in the special Launch Pad area for edtech startups, a chance to sit on their plenary Launch Pad panel, and an invitation to participate in an intimate workshop with Michael Staton from Learn Capital. The application period closes on January 31st. Click here for more info.

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