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CREDIT bettermarksTheir goal is to improve math education worldwide and their tool is currently available in English, Spanish, and German. To achieve this goal, the company, and their tool – “bettermarks” – provides personalized math learning online with the following features:  100+ interactive math books covering the complete 4th to 10th grade math curricula, 100,000+ fully-explained exercises which provide customized help and tips for every step, and automatic grading and result analysis. The founders believe students learn best by learning from their mistakes. A pencil and a sheet of paper are good tools to use to make mistakes, but the problem is that paper doesn’t give feedback, according to their executives. Their company offers interaction tools that allow every possible mistake to be made and gives intelligent feedback based specifically on what the student entered. Students always get a second try so they can apply the feedback directly, thus reinforcing the learning effect. bettermarks works like a excellent math tutor by guiding each student individually and adaptively while freeing up the teacher’s time and helping them to easily manage different ability levels in the classroom. They’ve been creating their adaptive math courseware with a team of 80 people since 2008 and they won the bid for the OLPC (One Laptop One Child) math content in Uruguay. Check it out at

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