Cool Tool | ClassFlow

Here’s an all-in-one teaching platform for synchronizing classroom devices and orchestrating lessons across connected learning environments. Launched at Bett 2014, ClassFlow enters the market as a new instructional technology product. Cloud-based and device-agnostic, it brings together classroom technology – tablets, laptops, interactive whiteboards or display panels – to enhance learning. Teachers can use it to create and deliver interactive multimedia lessons while assessing students’ understanding, fostering collaboration and personalizing instruction. As an assessment solution, it provides real-time feedback on student progress in the moment of learning. Robust polling capabilities, including a creative response question format, allow students to demonstrate mastery by creating their own content. Self-paced, leveled assessments also can be administered, both within a lesson or as a stand-alone activity. As a collaboration solution, it allows teachers to share individual student contributions with the whole class for group discussion and peer-to-peer learning. As a presentation solution, it simplifies lesson creation and delivery. Teachers can access the web and cloud storage within ClassFlow to build new lessons, or import existing lessons created in other popular software. Students connect to the teacher’s lesson through their Internet-connected device, receiving and directly interacting with lesson content. Learn more.

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