Cool Tool | Elements from PerkinElmer

The Elements platform provides a cost-effective solution for safe, secure record-keeping that eliminates the need for investment in on-premise infrastructure. Elements is inexpensive, collaborative, social, and adapts to your science. With Elements, users can easily collaborate across organizations. The simplicity and cloud technology offered by Elements transforms how scientists collect and share data and information in the lab and classroom alike, addressing their unique challenges. Built for any science, purpose-built scientific apps allow for quick and easy customization, whether you’re a biologist, chemist, or physicist — you’re covered. Collaboratively speaking, it’s housed in the cloud, and enables users access from anywhere. One can easily invite colleagues to share and promote external collaboration that other environments do not. As for cloud computing, with the Elements, it’s more than technology; this tool provides collaborative opportunities to exchange information and connect with others as your data does not get lost, isolated, destroyed, or compromised; it lasts. Learn more.

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