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NovoEd engineering team.pngNovoEd is a learning platform for the modern workforce (pictured are some of the company’s engineering team during an off-site gathering at their co-founder’s home). Its social, collaboration, and mobile capabilities power more engaging learning experiences, enabling organizations to more effectively train their employees, partners, customers, and students. These experiences are as impactful as in-person training programs, but can be deployed faster and reach entire organizations, driving business transformation. The platform has over 1.3 million users from organizations such as IDEO, Comcast, Nestle, Sanofi, ING Bank, Stanford, Wharton, UVA Darden, and UC Berkeley-Haas. The platform is differentiated by several key elements:

  • The modern, mobile user interface provides a consumer-grade experience, on-demand from any device and fully accessible. The platform seamlessly integrates media types to promote deliberate practice and active learning.

  • An effective and experiential approach allows for applied project work and collaboration in small groups. Small group interaction triggers social learning, which boosts effectiveness and increases accountability.

  • A social, engaging environment prompts learners to interact in context and share work with peers. It delivers sustainment and reinforcement, extending learning beyond the course with peer-to-peer connections and mentor feedback.

  • Powerful Reporting and Management tools provide real-time data for a detailed view of learner engagement and content quality. NovoEd integrates with existing enterprise systems and provides bank-level security and compliance.

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