Editorial Calendar


JAN | Tools for Better Understanding

FEB | How Do You Measure Success?

MAR | The Products of a Student

APR | Funding Technology and Technology for Funding

MAY | Useful Data

JUN | Professional Development That Works

JUL | Look, Learn & Practice: The Road to Mastery

AUG | How to Find the Very Best Education Apps

SEP | The Joy of Learning

OCT | Tools Teachers Love

NOV | Giving Thanks

DEC | Education Heroes Past, Present & Future


In every issue:

Cool Tools >> 200 words and image on a dynamic, useful tech tool to improve education

Interviews >> 1000 words with a founder/exec/educator or other edtech leader

Trends >> 200 words about a relevant report, survey or other edtech indicator

Guest Columns >> 750 words of industry or educator insight on edtech issues

Want to appear in EdTech Digest? We get a lot of inquiries but we will respond to you. Write to: victor@edtechdigest.com



+ Next-Generation Technologies for Education | contact us

+ EdTech: Visions of the Future contact us

+ Personalized Learning contact us

+ Tools Teachers Love contact us

In these special reports, we’ll take a closer look at issues and challenges in areas that resonate strongly with education leaders looking to transform learning with the best, most workable technologies available. Showcasing cool tools, interviews and trends including educator perspectives about what works for them, industry perspectives about lessons learned, examples of use, and who and what is behind the technology itself, these not-to-miss supplements are highly sought-after reading materials that will live on all year long.

Delivered in print-ready PDFs for online and on-demand printing and sharing, these reports will be pushed to more than 25,000 leaders and innovators in and around education technology.

Find out more about how to be included in our EdTech Digest special reports. Write to: edtechdigest@gmail.com or call (323) 823-4192.


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