Editorial Calendar


JAN | Tools that Help Students Really Get the Concept

FEB | Metrics of Success

MAR | Real Results

APR | Where’s the Money

MAY | Data Driven

JUN | Very Professional Development

JUL | Common Core and More

AUG | Mobile Mania

SEP | The Joy of Learning

OCT | Tools Teachers Love

NOV | Giving Thanks

DEC | Education Heroes Past, Present and Future

In every issue:

Cool Tools >> 200 words and image on a dynamic, useful tech tool to improve education

Interviews >> 1000 words with a founder/exec/educator or other edtech leader

Trends >> 200 words about a relevant report, survey or other edtech indicator

Guest Columns >> 750 words of industry or educator insight on edtech issues

Want to appear in EdTech Digest? We get a lot of inquiries but we will respond to you. Write to: victor@edtechdigest.com

+ Find out more about how to be included in our EdTech Digest special reports. Write to: edtechdigest@gmail.com

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