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Cool Tool | Personalized Print Learning Solutions 

HP and Knewton, a leader in adaptive learning, have partnered to develop Personalized Print Learning Solutions, a first-of-its-kind product that will make adaptive learning technology available for print-only K-12 and college classrooms through a smartphone app. Personalized Print Learning Solutions will allow publishers to … Continue reading

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Trends | Technology Security by Design

Educators, lawmakers, and virtually everyone else concerned with young people’s security have wrestled with how to make best use of educational hardware and software while maintaining a safe and secure environment since schools began connecting to the Internet. However, each … Continue reading

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Closer Collaboration

Building an edtech bridge between Europe and the US. GUEST COLUMN | by Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet The education and training industries worldwide account for spending of more than $4 trillion, with these costs representing a staggering 84 percent increase since 2000. However, … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | LumenEd

LumenEd connects classrooms in different countries and gives under-resourced classrooms access to digital content. They accomplish this using the Bright Orange Box, a solar-powered smart projector designed to function anywhere, their Video Pen Pal program and a business model that leverages … Continue reading

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Engaging or Distracting?

Lowering millennial dropout rates with mobile technology. GUEST COLUMN | by Danial Jameel Dropout rates among college students remain high, and approximately 21 percent of students at public institutions fail to graduate. However, grades and tough class schedules are not … Continue reading

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