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Cool Tool | Capti Voice

Here is a platform for universal access to content and assessment. Capti enables students to add any textual content to their playlists from a variety of sources, read/listen to that content anywhere with the best text-to-speech voices, seamlessly transitioning between their … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | Silverback Learning Solutions

Their suite of products includes Mileposts and Teacher Vitae. Mileposts is a cloud-based Longitudinal Learning Portfolio which helps K-12 educators and administrators create and connect personalized learning plans and interventions to all of the assessments and instructional resources already available … Continue reading

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Lighting the Way

Karen Panetta doesn’t hold back, and she’s brilliant for helping others.   INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero Here’s the story of a little girl who grew up and did what she wanted to. A computer engineer, inventor and the Associate Dean … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | Ardusat

This solution creates an inquiry driven STEM program for the classroom allowing students to tap into their inner scientist and understand the world around them through sensor data. Their program includes open curriculum resources making classroom implementation seamless for teachers, as well … Continue reading

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Trends | Global EdTech Landscape 2.0

Patrick Brothers is the CEO of Navitas Ventures, the education venturing arm of Navitas. With teams in 50 cities around the world, they build, invest and partner in education innovation. Like so many others, he’s eager to know, “What will the next 10 … Continue reading

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