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The Problem with College Admissions These Days

And the solution from an unlikely group of heroes leveling the playing field. INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero College admissions is not fair. That is the fundamental premise upon which this company rests, and is what keeps CollegeVine CEO Jon Carson … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | Georama

While field trips provide for great learning experiences for students, they can only be done so often and usually can’t go that far due to financial and/or logistical reasons. Almost 75 percent of educators think that technology has a positive … Continue reading

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Digital Privacy in Education

Our voices can go anywhere.  GUEST COLUMN | by Jennifer Dalsen and Caroline Hardin We live in a technological world where sharing videos, uploading photos, and sending text messages are part of our daily routine. This strong and constant engagement … Continue reading

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The Compelling Case for EdTech

The process of learning has changed surprisingly little since the days of Socrates. GUEST COLUMN | by Jay Chakrapani While banking, shopping and even driving a car have all become more intuitive and user-centric in recent years, the process of … Continue reading

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Virtual Mentoring

Harnessing the power of technology to connect college and career ready leaders. GUEST COLUMN | by Matthew Olson Welcome to CAMP! Collegiate Achievement Mentoring Program, or CAMP Osprey, is a mutually beneficial leadership-development program where collegiate students from the University … Continue reading

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