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Cool Tool | Credo

When students need to conduct research, it’s imperative they have access to a variety of options and viewpoints; of course, those options must be reliable, credible, and easy to access. That is what makes the Credo Online Reference Service platform … Continue reading

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Fractions, Unlocked

Why fractions matter and how technology can help. GUEST COLUMN | by Krista Marks I often argue that learning fractions is the single biggest pain point in American education. I understand that making this argument is probably provocative (that’s part … Continue reading

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Maximizing the Investment in Education Technology

Out of the top five people in our lives, where is the teacher? GUEST COLUMN | by Jerry Huang  If you ask a friend, ‘What has education done for you?’ — then you may often get answers like, ‘helped me … Continue reading

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The EdTech Awards – Accepting Your Entries

Program spotlights cool tools, leaders, and trendsetters in education and technology. The nomination period for the 7th annual EdTech Awards honoring cool tools, inspiring leaders, and innovative trendsetters in the education and technology, or “edtech” sector, is still open for … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | WriteReader

Here’s a cool tool scientifically designed to teach children grades K-3 to read by helping them write digital books. It motivates and strengthens early literacy skills by fostering creativity, encouraging children to become young authors. The students can create, share and publish … Continue reading

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