10 iPad in Education Stories

Look I'm Learning iPadsTechnology may never replace a teacher, but the iPad is currently replacing textbooks all over the world. Here are ten of our most popular articles about the device that’s turning the page on the paper printed word and swiping a finger into a new age of learning. From a Boston school’s shifting culture to a kid-led revolution caught on film in a Michigan school district, these iPad inspiring stories will help you tap into what an increasing number of schools are adopting en masse. Happy reading!

Living in an iPad Era

How tablets are shifting the culture at one Boston school GUEST COLUMN | by Marla Botelho Regis College is a multifaceted university in Greater Boston where 2,000 students pursue undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees in the arts, sciences and health …Continue reading →

Interview | From the Makers of “Look! I’m Learning!”

A kid-led revolution is how the people behind the new film, “Look! I’m Learning!” bill it. Slated for a Fall 2012 release, the documentary promotes the value of technology in education. Partnering with teachers, and state and local education technology … Continue reading →

Cool Tool | SofTest-M for iPad

Dallas-based exam management and analytics company, ExamSoft, has launched a cool app called SofTest-M that is changing the way students use iPads. One of the first secure offline exam delivery application of its kind for the iPad, SofTest-M restricts access … Continue reading →

Trends | Infographic: College Degree on Your iPad

Cool Tool | StudyBlue iPad App

With students and educators increasingly turning to Apple tablets for learning purposes, mobile study service StudyBlue has launched a free iPad app that creates a seamless, cross-platform studying experience. Students can use the StudyBlue app to search, create, and study … Continue reading →

An iPad for the Teacher? (Not Only.)

GUEST COLUMN | by Jay King Recently, the small school district of Auburn, Maine approved an expenditure of $200,000 for 285 iPads, equipping both teachers and students in six schools beginning this fall. While the program by itself isn’t news, … Continue reading →

PC World: 5 Ways Schools Are Using the iPad

Joel Mathis writes in Macworld about how both K-12 and higher education are putting the iPad to good use. He also reports on one school that may be the iPad’s most fervent educational proponent in this insightful and timely article. … Continue reading →

Game Time!

It’s time for Math and Word Game Time with Josh Solt. INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero Frustrated by the online educational options on the market, Josh Solt created Math Game Time. “Many of the sites I came across were dated, … Continue reading →

Thinking in the Next

UCLA Anderson partners with Adobe to create an award-winning magazine. GUEST COLUMN | by Nathan May What began as an alumni magazine for UCLA Anderson School of Management has grown into something much more: a brand differentiator for the school …Continue reading →

Trends | Apple Education site revamp

Just in time for the new school year, today Apple launched a new education site. Focusing on teachers and showcasing ways teachers can enhance their lesson plans and engage their students with the nearly 10 million iPads already in schools … Continue reading →

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