Cool Tool | ActivPanel from Promethean

CREDIT Promethean ActivPanelDepending on when you attended school, these were the latest and greatest technology: film projector, mimeo graph, overhead projector, video tape, photocopier. Remember any of these cutting edge inventions? Today those technologies are passé, as the innovation in consumer electronic reaches the classroom. Yet, many lump interactive flat panel displays into the same category as a filmstrip projector! They believe that front-of-class displays are past their prime. However, interactive flat panel displays, like Promethean’s ActivPanel, are essential to supporting 21st century learners and highly relevant for preparing students for their futures. Studies show that collaboration is one of the most important skills graduates need to succeed in today’s workforce. The ActivPanel is designed to build students’ skills in areas foundational for becoming strong collaborators, including verbal, written and interpersonal communication and group problem solving. In combination with an interactive lesson delivery system like ClassFlow, the ActivPanel connects teachers and students and students to their peers. It facilitates sharing work, discussing ideas, creating content, and contributing to the work of others, which are requirement in many workplaces. Compatible with all major operating systems and available on mobile and height adjustable stands, the ActivPanel operates in almost any school. Learn more.

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Cool Tool | Califone Mobile Peripheral Pack

The Mobile Peripheral Pack from Califone enables students to use digital and mobile devices to their full potential both inside and outside the classroom. These kits feature two foundational accessories:

  • The fully adjustable TPT Stand props any tablet or mobile device at the optimal ergonomic angle while viewing the screen in either landscape or portrait modes.
  • The wireless KB4 Keyboard syncs with any Bluetooth-enabled device. It features full-sized keys and spacing for efficiency and meets PARCC and Smarter Balanced requirements for testing because it disables the virtual keyboard.

In addition to the stand and keyboard, users have a choice of one of two audio devices in the pack:

  • The rugged 3068 Headphone includes a fully adjustable headband, ambient noise-reducing earcups and individual volume control. Or,
  • The E3T Ear Bud has inline microphone and volume control and an extra pair of smaller sized ear cushions to fit younger students.

Specially designed for flexible and blended learning models, the Mobile Peripheral Pack includes a warranty to ensure students enjoy prolonged use. Learn more.

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Cool Tool | Education Pro Color Poster Maker

CREDIT Bright White Paper Co Ed Pro poster maker by EpsonBright White Paper Co. has a poster printing machine called the Education Pro Color Poster Maker by Epson. What makes this product unique is that Bright White Paper Co. sells this as a package especially for educators. It has the latest printer technology with waterproof and fade resistant inks, permanent print heads and the ability to print on all types of media including canvas, vinyl and poster board.  Beyond that, it comes with everything needed – right out of the box – accounting software, stand, ink cartridges, roll of paper, printer cable and free shipping. The accounting software allows users to break down the cost of each print job and reports the amount of ink used, the cost per ink color, the amount of media used and the total cost per poster or banner printed. If the football team creates a banner, and the science department needs a poster for their robotics tournament, and the cafeteria prints their specials for the week, the software tells you the cost of each, so each department can be billed their fair share. Learn more.

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Cool Tool | JAMF Software Casper Focus

CREDIT JAMF Software Casper FocusJAMF Software’s Casper Focus is one of the only management solutions built exclusively for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and designed for classroom applications to enable teacher-managed learning. It offers an enhanced educational experience with the iPad for students, teachers and IT administrators by letting educators perform classroom management tasks directly from their own iOS device, rather than relying on IT. As classrooms continue to adopt the iPad, it is imperative that teachers have the basic classroom management capabilities they need – such as getting students’ attention easily, providing a secure testing environment and quickly transitioning students to specific apps or websites. This system empowers teachers with the ability to streamline transitions and regain valuable instructional time. With just a couple taps on their own iPad or iPhone, teachers can send students customized messages or guide access to a single app or webpage. Being able to perform these tasks without IT assistance lets teachers focus on their bottom line: delivering quality education. JAMF Software helps more than 8,000 organizations – including more than 4,000 schools around the globe – manage 6.2 million devices. Learn more.

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Cool Tool | FlipGrid

CREDIT FlipGridHere is a stimulus-driven video discussion platform used by teachers to promote peer learning and champion student voice in their classroom. Created in 2012 by University of Minnesota Professor Charles Miller, Flipgrid is now used in over 20,000 classrooms around the world. In response to needs voiced by this community of educators, Flipgrid released version 4.0, which provides greater customization capabilities and encourages deeper student engagement. Flipgrid’s version 4.0 includes several improvements:

Deeper discussion – Students can now respond to each other’s videos, creating peer-led discussions within teacher-driven topics, fostering an environment for civil discourse.

Customizable grids – The new Flipgrid empowers teachers to customize the look of their grids to align the student experience with the course context and classroom setting.

Engagement insights – Through simple data visualization, teachers can quickly test and adjust their approaches with students to ensure maximum participation.

Expanded admin capabilities – Teachers can develop, manage and share their grids more effectively, and control the privacy and security of content across topics.

Higher resolution video – The latest version of Flipgrid has doubled the video quality across all supported platforms (desktop, iOS, Android) and maintains the speed educators require in their classrooms. Learn more.

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