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Interview | Betsy Peters Looks within PossibilityU

The team behind PossibilityU, a college admissions assistance company, recognized that despite the volumes of information available to students about selecting a path beyond high school — there is a growing guidance gap. The scope of the guidance office is … Continue reading

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Interview | Promethean’s World Turns

The new CEO of Promethean World is moving the whiteboard, once the company’s mainstay, to a peripheral role in a full device-agnostic instructional delivery system. by Judy Faust Hartnett Before joining Promethean in 2011 as the president of North American … Continue reading

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Interview | Meet the “MC” of ASCD

Before joining ASCD, Mary Catherine “MC” Desrosiers specialized in customer-centered new product design, development, and delivery of instructional services. In her most recent role as chief strategy and operations officer at Integrated Educational Strategies Inc. (IES), she oversaw a wide … Continue reading

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Interview | Dan Levin Has Answers in His Problem-Attic

Teachers were working way too hard on some things that modern technology could make so much easier, says to Dan Levin. “Precisely, there are a lot of questions available on the Internet, but they tend to be in the form … Continue reading

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Interview | Manny Perez Gets Interactive with Education

Some very creative thinkers from MIT realized that students were so occupied with furious note taking that they weren’t fully paying attention to their lessons. They asked a simple what if question (“What if there was a way to obtain … Continue reading

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