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CREDIT HoverCam Nancy Foote.pngCase Study 

A Video Technology that Brings Science to Life

An award-winning Arizona science teacher flips her classroom to make learning come alive for students in and beyond her school. Download Now >>

CoSN Digital Equity ToolkitSpecial Report & Action Toolkit 

Digital Equity: Supporting Students & Families in Out-of-School Learning

School districts building meaningful community partnerships and creating tools to help district leaders get started in achieving digital equity. Download Now >>

eBackpack RollerCase Study

Cost-Effective Technology on a Large Scale

A Texas-sized school district takes a load off IT personnel by using eBackpack to store and maintain student work. Download Now >>

CREDIT edtech digest arubaWhite Paper

Education Transformed: Wi-Fi Powered Learning for Next Generation Classrooms

Anytime, anywhere learning is no longer a lofty vision of 21st century educators: if students are to be transformed into 21st century learners, it’s required. Download Now >>

CREDIT edtech digest CoSNSpecial Project

Smart Education Networks by Design | Guidelines for School System CTOs

Recognizing that 1-to-1 programs are quickly becoming mainstream, strengthening network design in school districts is vital. Multiple authors, published via CoSN. Download Now >>

CREDIT edtech cheggCase Study

A Wise and Effective Strategic Shift

In an age of social media, an Admissions Director at a leading university finds new ways to accomplish growth goals and diversify the applicant pool. Download Now >>

Cloud and Personalization edcast edtechdigestWhite Paper

Addressing the Urgent Need for Global Lifelong Learning: Harnessing the Power of the Cloud and Personalization

Think long and hard before you mortgage your future to the outsourced third parties and MOOCs of the world. You be the disrupter, not the disrupted. Download Now >>

CREDIT edtech digest hovercamCase Study

Meeting 21st-Century Classroom Needs

A large California school district looking for affordable instructional technology tools discovered one that goes further than all the rest. Download Now >>

CREDIT edtech digest myvrspotOverview

Video Management Built for Education

A school district’s Chief Information Officer speaks from experience in sharing his overview of a superb video management solution for schools. Download Now >>

CREDIT edtech digest HPSpecial Section

Forging the Future

In Pittsburgh Public Schools, an education enterprise solution is solving real problems using the latest information technologyDownload Now >>


 CREDIT edtech digest schoolblocksCase Study

A Cost-Effective, Innovative Website Solution

In Texas, a mid-sized district’s technology director discovers a partner responsive to his issues, ideas and requirements. Download Now >>



Interview Reprint 
CREDIT edtech digest smart spaces

Smart Spaces | Why Our Learning Environments Must Be Reinvented

We talk a lot about technology transforming education. Let’s talk a little more broadly about creating 21st-century learning environments. Download Now >>



CREDIT edtech digest carolina science onlineCase Study 

Connecting Students to the World Around Them

A passionate Curriculum Coordinator finds a rich supplementary online Science learning resource providing educators with a strategic boost. Download Now >>


CREDIT edtech digest gofrontrowWhite Paper 

The Power of a Merged Communications System in a K-12 Environment

The financial and efficiency benefits of an integrated communications platform. Download Now >>


CREDIT edtech digest qwertytownCase Study

True Engagement

An edtech director at one of the largest private schools in the country discovers a standout keyboarding instructional solution that students love. Download Now >>



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These are some of the best ways to get the word out about your company, but they can be time-consuming for you to produce. Get Some Help >>

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