2017 – State of EdTech

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STATE OF EDTECH / numbers, highlights, future  

A concise rundown of where we are and where we’re headed.

2017 report publish date: December 1st, 2017

This report provides:


  • a statistical overview of the state of education – and technology’s role in improving it
  • by-the-numbers synopsis from research, studies, surveys, and other current data
  • numbers telling the story of 21st-century education transformation


  • a brief tour of noteworthy news, deals, trends, and people in education and technology
  • easy-to-read summary of policy points, e-rate updates, investments, funding
  • key insights from EdTech Award honorees, the top companies transforming education
  • general trends for K-12, higher ed, and lifelong learning
  • what educators and students really need and want from technology
  • model examples of technology improving education


  • projections, predictions, trends, futurists analyses
  • what students, teachers, educators, founders, and technologists are saying
  • some very good news for education and technology


  • 10 companies to watch and why
  • top influencers in edtech
  • glimpses of the future

Through this visionary narrative, gain a big-picture view of the larger theater of educational progress, and a universal understanding of how the right technologies with the right leadership moves us forward. Includes actionable takeaways serving as a practical roadmap to the future.

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