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Cool Tool | Edulastic

Edulastic is a free formative assessment platform that supports student mastery of the Common Core State Standards. Teachers can track student comprehension day-by-day—with homework and in-class assignments—to provide personalized feedback, remediation, and intervention. Edulastic also makes it easy to create and … Continue reading

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Curation and Assessment

A brief discussion of the two major challenges facing edtech. GUEST COLUMN | by Alan Greenberg Curation, finding relevance   With a billion downloads on iTunes U, even greater numbers on YouTube Education, then add TedED, Khan Academy, EDx, Coursera … Continue reading

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No More Final Exams?

Adaptive systems and continuous assessment puts testing to the test. GUEST COLUMN | by Christina Yu Testing today can be anything from a mere bureaucratic hurdle to a nerve-wracking, future-determining experience for students. As computerized adaptive systems enable us to … Continue reading

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Sifting Thoughts

Big Data and EdTech: a symbiotic relationship? GUEST COLUMN | by Kreigh Knerr As someone who spends the bulk of his time analyzing standardized tests and standardized test performance, you might imagine that Big Data promises to be my biggest … Continue reading

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Tech for Student-Centric Instruction & Assessment Models

GUEST COLUMN | By Nick Gaehde Data-driven instruction is an approach embraced by most educators, but establishing a process and a school culture truly focused on data has proven to be an elusive goal for many schools.  However, when you … Continue reading

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