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Trends | EdTech Recognition: Still Time to Enter

Recently, education technology (edtech, or #edtech for that matter) has received a bit of a lashing in the New York Times and elsewhere as a ripple effect. I’ve been in the edtech space since pre dot com bubble days, so … Continue reading

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Interview | Rohit Agarwal and Andrew Joseph: Getting TenMarks

The U.S. is behind most economically developed nations when it comes to students’ math skills, ranked 34th according to a PISA report in 2009. “In order for the U.S. to maintain global competitiveness, and for our economic development, it’s critical that … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | Connect from McG and Bb

Here’s a powerful online learning assignment and assessment solution from a couple of the top names in education: merge the robust capabilities of Blackboard Learn with rich McGraw-Hill Connect content and you get an all-digital higher education learning platform allowing … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | Discovery Education Science Techbook

From Discovery Education comes a technology tool built from scratch to address state and core standards for science education. Discovery Education Science Techbook is a primary instructional resource for elementary and middle school classrooms that appeals to digital natives with … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | DreamBox Learning

With a rigorous math program relying on adaptive learning, DreamBox Learning executives believe that every student can become a proficient, mathematical thinker with the right learning environment. Their intelligent adaptive learning technology really goes beyond engagement with a strong K-3 math … Continue reading

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