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An Academy of Passionate People

Accessing the right tools – and people – to train someone to be a qualified professional. INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero Anthony James started Linux Academy, one of the world’s foremost online Linux and cloud training platforms and communities, “because … Continue reading

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On the Shoulders of Geniuses

How an innovative, adaptive approach gets kids the tailored math education they need.   GUEST COLUMN | by Javier Arroyo  In 2009, the homework topic was brewing again. Schools were rethinking long-standing homework policies. Parents wanted to know whether homework … Continue reading

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Maximizing the Investment in Education Technology

Out of the top five people in our lives, where is the teacher? GUEST COLUMN | by Jerry Huang  If you ask a friend, ‘What has education done for you?’ — then you may often get answers like, ‘helped me … Continue reading

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Meeting in the Middle

Innovative ways for underrepresented and underprivileged students to access STEM. GUEST COLUMN | by Frank McCallum There are plenty of conversations and predictions about the economy of tomorrow, but leaders and influencers agree that honing future workers’ STEM interest and … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | Smartly from Pedago

Building a faster, more effective way to learn online is Pedago, a company using what they call interactive pedagogy. Their initial strategic focus is on the successful launch of an online MBA degree program. Through their proprietary active learning platform, called Smartly, they … Continue reading

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