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Exploring North Dakota

ND Center for Distance Education’s State Director charts a quality course. INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero It may be telling that explorers Lewis and Clark spent more time in what is now North Dakota than any other place on their … Continue reading

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Fast and Furious

While driving rapid change in education, creating an effective virtual school program. GUEST COLUMN | by Carol Ribeiro  In the past several years, we have witnessed a tremendous acceleration of transformative policies and practices driving customized learning in the K–12 … Continue reading

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Flipped and Tracking

Flash progress comparisons help teachers bolster and customize student learning.   GUEST COLUMN | by Tony Glockler Teachers have incredible amounts of data and information to juggle. Keeping track of grades, assignments, and engagement is a challenge that teachers gracefully overcome … Continue reading

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Trends | Are You Edcasting Yet?

There’s a new way for everyone to share their knowledge easily with bite-sized insights pushed out across all devices. If podcasting and tweeting made it easy to share general content, edcasting promises to empower people to share their knowledge and … Continue reading

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Year of the Shake-Up

Five online learning predictions for 2015. GUEST COLUMN | by Andrew Wait  We all know that the online education space is growing at a very rapid clip, but many may not realize just how quickly it’s growing, and what some … Continue reading

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