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The Right Kind of Growth in Greenville County

With dynamic digital content and personalized learning, a district embraces transition. INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero Jeff McCoy has reason to smile. Anyone with a big purpose, an inclusive vision, and who is making great headway with plenty of help from … Continue reading

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Lounge Lessons

Clearing up persistent teacher misconceptions on blended learning. GUEST COLUMN | by Juliana Finegan Having taught high school and middle school for almost ten years, I still have many friends who are educators and administrators throughout the country. Recently I visited … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | Beijing Math

Is the Chinese approach to math the secret to better understanding and test scores for U.S. students? It’s no secret that Chinese students routinely outperform students in other countries on standardized tests. But what’s the difference? Is it curriculum? Parental involvement? … Continue reading

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One Size Fits

Personalized learning as part of your learning genome. GUEST COLUMN | by Brian Peddle “Education shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all, it should be one-size-fits-one.” -Brian Peddle There is extensive evidence that demonstrates traditional education is not adequately preparing our students for successful … Continue reading

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System Change

The three edtech trends supporting transformative learning. GUEST COLUMN | by Jon Phillips With another school year in our midst, teachers and administrators have high expectations for the role of new technology in their classrooms. At the same time, there … Continue reading

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