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Made in Finland

Helsinki-based company knows business, but does it know the business of education? INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero Before entering the edtech arena, Vesa Perälä was a senior exec at Nokia, Jabra, and Coloplast for nearly 15 years. He became an entrepreneur in … Continue reading

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Personalized Learning at Scale

A military example from a US Army vet. GUEST COLUMN | by Kevin M.A. Nguyen “Personalized learning is…” How many times have you read that lately? Though the concept has been around for decades, personalized learning has seen a resurgence … Continue reading

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At The Heart of Learning

Efficiency, empathy and empowerment in personalized learning for higher education.  GUEST COLUMN | by James Caras  Personalized learning offers the benefits of delivering customized instruction and learning paths to students based upon a learner profile generated as a student engages … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | IXL

IXL is an educational technology that delivers an immersive learning experience for students across all grades. With 1 in 10 students using it in the U.S., and over 18 billion questions asked and answered around the world, this company is helping … Continue reading

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MIDAS Touched

Is a single all-in-one ‘golden’ platform for education even possible? Sure, why not? INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero Megan Harney has always enjoyed working on computers, and when she was a child, her parents (who both worked in the trades) often encouraged … Continue reading

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