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Igniting a Desire2Learn

John Baker keeps the fires of learning burning with an integrated learning platform.    INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero At the age of twenty-two, while attending the University of Waterloo as a Systems Design Engineering student, John Baker had it … Continue reading

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Shifting Minds

Why students don’t like school (and what adaptive learning can do about it). GUEST COLUMN | by Christina Yu Ask students why they don’t like school, and you’ll get several answers: it’s “hard,” “boring,” “disconnected from reality” or “only for … Continue reading

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Personalized Education

The how and why of an education model that truly helps students. GUEST COLUMN | by Shawn Bay Recently there has been a great deal of positive hype about transforming the education model into one that equips each student with … Continue reading

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Bring Back The Joy Of Learning

 Implementing competency-based education and personalized learning.    GUEST COLUMN | by Fred Hurst Every student has taken a class that was easy, either because the material was easily understood or they already knew it. Every individual has different capabilities and … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | Adapt Courseware

Going beyond the static reading and multiple choice assessments found in much adaptive curriculum today, Adapt Courseware personalizes the learning experience for each student with dynamic, animated lectures and hands-on, digital multimedia interactives. With content specifically designed for adaptive, multimedia … Continue reading

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