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Cool Tool | Square Panda

This phonics playset for the iPad combines early reading skills and multisensory play to truly unlock learning. The playset includes 45 smart letter toys that interact with learning games—Android coming soon! Square Panda is unique because it is the only comprehensive … Continue reading

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The Right to Read

Technology to bring literacy resources to refugee and remote communities. GUEST COLUMN | by Rebecca Leege Two-hundred-and-fifty million children across the globe are not learning basic literacy and numeracy skills. Of these, 57 million children—a disproportionate number of whom are … Continue reading

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Next Read

Tips to help your students become binge readers. GUEST COLUMN | by Rita Platt Binge watching has become an American phenomenon. With online choices including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Go, and more, viewers can watch their favorite television shows … Continue reading

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Interview | Dusty Heuston: Waterford, Reading and the Third Source

Dr. Dustin Heuston founded the nonprofit Waterford Institute in 1976 to create educational software that would help manifest his passion and vision—to provide excellence and equity in education—for all children—via the power of interactive, personalized technology. While running the Spence … Continue reading

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